WRITER; SciFi, Horror, Dark Fantasy, SUPERHERO & Rock Music Fan, LYRIC Collector, Native of CLEVELAND; Lake Erie Beach Lover; #ADHD, #Recovery, Believer that LOVE trumps DOGMA


“Proud to be an INDIE Author”

My Young Adult Dark Fantasy novels dig deep into real issues, because I had to dig deep to get past my own.  If you’re feeling buried, too, if you feel a little lost, maybe we can meet up in the pages of my stories. I’ll be looking out for you.


Book Club and School Visits

Speaking Engagements

Tours of the haunted places in my novels, which are set in CLEVELAND, OHIO!

I am the daughter of a one time Catholic nun and a NASA physicist. Together, they taught me to seek out, consider and question everything.  I grew up on the west side of Cleveland, not far from the woods, cliffs and beaches that populate my novels, then graduated with a degree in Civil & Environmental Engineering from THE Ohio State University.

As for writing, Fantasy, Supernatural, Sci Fi and Horror novels filled my shelves growing up. Magic, that’s what I was after, but the magic always ended after the last page.

So I set out to create my own.

For me, the real magic in my fiction lies in the transformation of its characters as friendship, courage, hope and love are brought to bear.

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Twitter: @jpowellogden

Instagram: @j.powellogden



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